Teachers Prepare Themselves to Promote Recreational Reading

Aiming to promote imagination and recreational reading, teachers of the Sucre Municipality are participating on several educational, and actualization workshops, in an alliance with Banco del Libro [Book’s Bank] and as a part of the program “So Kids Can See a Better Future”.

In this occasion, it is about practical orientations and playful exercises of imagination to create tell stories, in which our kid’s reality can be approached in a positive way, and also recreate values and life experiences that they can use in their every day. The activity includes giving bibliographical material aiming to create a reading club in each of their educational units.

For Banco del Libro [Book’s Bank] Project Manager, Olga Gonzalez, it is about gathering knowledge and experiences to be an accessory in that discovery of kid readers. “It is vital in the learning of instrumental reading, but also the reading that makes the kid solid in its personality, that helps him relate with others, to solve problems, because the magic and beauty of reading is that there are situations that are presented to kids, and seeing that other characters solve them in a certain way, helps them find another way to solve it. Reading helps the kid solve life’s questions.

Since a couple of years, the companies of Gorrin Group have developed a course of action in matters of Corporate Social Compromise (CSE by its acronym in Spanish) addressed to support the excellence in the learning of kids and young people of scarce income.

In this respect, the program “So Kids Can See a Better Future” consists in promoting reading as a key element to the process of teaching and learning, an ideal resource to express emotions, comprehending our environment and interacting better with others. All this with the support of teachers, who have been sensitized and trained to bring kids and young people to this infinite and full of possibilities world that reading has to offer.