Venezuelan Youth is Our Country’s True Promise

Gorrín Foundation gave corrective lenses to 40 students of two public schools located in the Municipality of Chacao, as part of its program “So Kids Can See a Better Future”, in alliance with Banco del Libro [Book Bank] and the Municipalities of Sucre, Chacao and El Hatillo.

The event had place at Banco del Libro facilities where members of the educational communities of Andres Bello School, and Carlos Soublette School, along with local authorities that contribute to this cause that is addressed to improve the conditions that allow a much more effective teaching-learning process.

The program “So Kids Can See a Better Future” comprises an optical evaluation phase, selection of glasses frames by the kids themselves, and donation of glasses with which they’ll pay more attention during classes, read without much effort, and improve its performance. At the same time, it represents an economic aid to many families that are not able to pay for corrective lenses for their children.

The second phase is addressed to the motivation and training of the teachers in order to promote reading among its students through the use of several techniques, and tools to play with imagination creating stories where values, and daily customs can be reenacted.