Gorrin Foundation’s Social Balance

Today, we are pleased to place in your hands this balance from Gorrin Foundation to make you part of our corporate social compromise that we have been carrying out through last year. These achievements herein mentioned, are the result of the establishment of our strategic plan, by developing sustainable projects in the area of education, sports and health to enhance the values of our organization.

Values, compromise and humanism are my philosophy as a businessman. What I am most proud of is to help who needs it the most through the creation of my organizations.

I come from a humble home, under the wing of a family that has made an effort to reach its goals, in which I had to make sacrifices in order to study, and that is why I am always thinking about creating a way to help and give chances to the most vulnerable communities.

At Gorrin Foundation, we are convinced that the country’s growth can be accelerated through the social compromise that each company that works in Venezuela acquires. We, as a socially responsible company, reinforce our commitment to give every day to education, youth, and sports in an effective way in order to make a more productive, and looking-ahead society.

In our future plans will still be present as our most important focus the social investment, either by replicating the same social projects that are shown in this editorial issue, or by developing new ones, adapting them to the society’s needs, managing to converge them with our main objetive: the education, sports, and health, achieving a corporate social balance, fair, and positive throughout our path as a company.

This is why I invite you to check our complete Social Balance by clicking here.