Diagnosis and Donation of Correcting Glasses to Elementary Students

The excellence in education is also conditioned by the capacity of the kid to pay attention, and to understand what is being taught in the classroom, and the homework. Therefore, visual health plays an important role. This is why the program “So Kids Can See a Better Future” involves a phase of diagnosis of certain […]

Teachers Prepare Themselves to Promote Recreational Reading

Aiming to promote imagination and recreational reading, teachers of the Sucre Municipality are participating on several educational, and actualization workshops, in an alliance with Banco del Libro [Book’s Bank] and as a part of the program “So Kids Can See a Better Future”. In this occasion, it is about practical orientations and playful exercises of […]

Gorrin Foundation’s Social Balance

Values, compromise and humanism are my philosophy as a businessman. What I am most proud of is to help who needs it the most through the creation of my organizations.

Venezuelan Youth is Our Country’s True Promise

Gorrín Foundation gave corrective lenses to 40 students of two public schools located in the Municipality of Chacao, as part of its program “So Kids Can See a Better Future”, in alliance with Banco del Libro [Book Bank] and the Municipalities of Sucre, Chacao and El Hatillo. The event had place at Banco del Libro […]