Businessman of the Future

Working very close to politics, Gorrin has no interest in growing in it, he focuses on his business career in which he wants to become a business leader: “I want to be the new reference for my country with a business approach to the success of humanism.”

Although Gorrin doesn’t think he is being called to fill in for the role of a leader in Venezuela, he does say that he is a leader every day in his companies and accepts that: “when the country needs it I will [become a leader] and I will do it publicly”, but in the meantime he is based in the idea that a business leader must have a sustainable company, because no one builds a company to lose, “whoever has a company has it to make gains, but that success shouldn’t only benefit its employees, workers and such, but also the society’s wellness.

In 5 years, Gorrin sees his and his company’s place in an international level, that is what he’s working for since he’d like to be remembered as a respected person rather than fear inducing: “My friends know that I’m  consistent, working, and an idea, and enthusiasm seller. To keep everyone here excited you have to be passionate, willing, to have beliefs and projects, I’m on that all day”.